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Check out these chunkers.

It’s fall in here too.

Ready to harvest. Some got too close to the light, but everything is looking fat af.

Just some Glue live resin with the terps poured off. Processed by yours truly.

Large n solid 5.7g THC-a diamond from a batch of live resin we blasted at work.

Pine Tar Kush appreciation, love these plants. Definitely a pure indica. It grew short and bushy, looks like the colas will be heavy!

This isn’t even the tallest plant. Had to jerry rig the lights, plants are so tall they were touching the lights hung with regular equipment, so I improvised and tied the lights directly to the poles. The light coverage is a lot better like this anyway.

This second round is looking freaking massive. Maybe I should play them music as well!

“Take a close look. It’s better than you think”

Flight (Flo x The White)

Lil larfy bud picked for a test smoke.

Just finished harvesting her, what a beauty. Golden Skunk.