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Throwback to this lovely Pacific Coast Kush plant

Kill’n it!

Chemdawg flower wk 3 3/9/18

Banana Skunk porn, week 5 – 6.

20/18/17 Louie VIII OG week 3 of flower for this one!

10/17/17 Louis VIII OG

10/13/17 Louie VIII OG clone exactly one week in bucket! Top two pictures are day one, bottom two are this morning 7 days later! Easily doubled in size. This cutting was already flowering so I just switched the light cycle back to veg to get more bulk on her before we roll into flower. I used the Aloevera method and it’s been successful in rockwool, soil & straight up clay pebbles in water.

Not ready yet but definitely works!

9/16/17 Pacific Coast Kush just about ready! This one never got really big but through all she’s gone through I’m blessed she’s made it this far!

9/14/2017 Pacific Coast Kush day 42 flower.
Survivor for sure! 4 more in veg behind her and sprouts coming along. Biggest problem is tent temperature and some sprouts struggle. 9 sprouts and half are struggling, hoping for at least 4-5 survivors. I always plant extra to try to cover the ones that aren’t going to make it just in case