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LSD- Lemmon Sour Diesel from one lucky bag seed! Wk 3 flower 3/9/18

Seeds I harvested. Raspberry Diesel, King Louie XIII OG, Blue Dream, Chemdawg, OG, Pacific Coast Kush. All crossed by x Louie XIII except the Blue Dream And Pacific Coast Kush crossed x Blue Dream

9/30/17 top Louis 8 og, Raspberry Diesel (center 2) Louis VIII OG & OG on the bottom rt

Not ready yet but definitely works!

9/20/17. Time to dry for the night then move to cool place to dry! Didnt get near as big as I would’ve hoped for but so far it’s given me a few seeds to do it again! This was an outdoor plant

9/20/17 full circle
Harvest day for the Kush

9/16/17 Blue Dream, blue nightmare!
Struggle from the get, I found this strain to be a little difficult for me but still working on it! Burning leaves usually nutrient burn but have laid off and flushed a couple times. Repot from a 5 gallon smart pots to a 20 gallon smart pots thinking the roots needed more room. I noticed daily Leaf burn and I know it’s hot outside. I went ahead finally fed at week 12 from the Foxfarm regiment. She still standing nicely and this morning actually noticed less burn than what I’ve been getting. We’ll see what happens in the next month. If anybody growing stumbles across my page please give me a holler if you have any tips that may help me I would really appreciate it!

9/16/17 Pacific Coast Kush just about ready! This one never got really big but through all she’s gone through I’m blessed she’s made it this far!

8/30/17 Pacific Coast Kush flowering nicely. Full feeding yesterday on week 12 foxfarm feeding schedule. That will probably be the last nutrients from here on out. Water then royal flush then clean water only

8/25/17 Rasberry Diesel & Louis VIII OG under Vipar Spectra 1200 watt led. 3 gal smart pots