A Secret Garden


Building an aquaponics lab was one of the things that saved me this year.

Piece by piece, a tiny ecosystem sprung up in the room built in the basement.

Store-bought, Home Cooked, Upcycled

Pictured above is a Celery plant. This is the resulting growth from a left-over base from store-bought celery, actually. I stuck the base in a corner of one of the grow beds and about a week later tiny leaves were sprouting up! (It took a long time for roots to grow – over 3 weeks)

Holy front-lawn does it smell fantastic in here.

A fix for Seasonal Blues

Once fall hit, I was unwilling to let go of my bounty of tomatoes growing outdoors. I transferred in a tomato cutting and to my delight, it took off!

Check out the root system on the tomato plant below – that’s roughly 2 weeks of root growth in the aquaponics system.

Dual Bob Tanks

The fish reside in two 30 gallon drums, high-density material. These babies get deep cleaned once a month. There are are a total of 8 goldfish. All of their names are Bob.

Each tank has two forms of oxygenating the water, a temperature sensor, a heater for the cold months, crushed coral and rock bedding, a few places to hide, and various movable objects for sensory play.

Entertained fish are happy fish!

Wrap it Up, Keep it Safe

After spending a few hours google-deep-diving ways fish can get people sick, I put together a few reminders for hand washing and communicable illness up around my aquaponics lab.

I added disposable gloves and eye protection too – #SuddenlyScientist?

Yep. Definitely.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-tour!

<3 Lane